We begin with your priorities.
By partnering with me as your coach, you can examine your current challenges more strategically.  The goals of coaching are tailored to your needs.  Sessions are designed to make optimum use of your time. 

The power of original, resourceful thinking.
Your one-on-one coaching is confidential, and provides a space for you that’s non-judgmental.  This gives you greater freedom – to clarify your thinking, float new ideas, embrace new perspectives.  

Getting to where you need to be.
What’s your vision for your business, your career?  Coaching will help you to craft a way forward, to make your vision a reality.  As your coach, I help you uncover solutions that provoke significant change. 

A fierce commitment to your success.
I support you with firm accountability as you take action to reach your goals.  And if the going gets tough, I help you stay in action.  I am passionate about keeping you connected to your chosen vision.


Partnering with Forward Edge is a strategic investment in you and your business.

Learn the value of executive coaching with a sample coaching session. Or, contact me to discuss what you want to achieve – and how I can help you push for extraordinary results. 


I coach executives to tackle a range of challenges:

  • Align your time and energy with your core business objectives.
  • Connect with your strengths and identify blind spots.
  • Communicate your vision and priorities to all stakeholders.
  • Build teams and develop leaders that are empowered to deliver results.
  • Keep your people inspired.
  • Create your enduring legacy.
  • Achieve greater resilience – and defend against burnout.

Test coaching out with a sample sessionCoaching for Executives