What Clients Say

“Coaching sessions with Steve Moyes allowed me to step back from all the day-to-day pressures and develop my strategic thinking.  Steve was a useful sounding board, and helped me crystallize ideas on enhancing relationships among our business units.  I highly recommend Steve as a coach to business leaders who are looking to generate new insights and build their teams. ”

VP Regional Operations


“Executive coaching with Steven Moyes has enhanced not only my professional growth but also my personal awareness and interpersonal skill set.  Steve listens attentively to what I’d like to discuss each week; he pushes me to set realistic goals to accomplish and always follows up with support and guidance.  He challenges statements I make and provides constructive and supportive criticism and feedback.  It’s time extremely well spent!”

Director, Regional Operations


“Steve has helped me gain confidence, recognize what I want to accomplish in my career, and identify areas in which I want to improve.  Steve makes me think about different points of view so I can be more strategic in overcoming challenges and creating opportunities.  Steve’s coaching has become a very valuable part of my personal leadership development.  I think every young executive should have an executive coach.”



“I was truly amazed at the level of planning and organization that Steven Moyes brought to producing and delivering his leadership workshops at St. George’s School. He listened carefully to our needs, and then tailored the workshops to our emerging leaders. He provided a fun, engaging workshop experience that really sparked idea sharing. Best of all, Steve equipped our graduating students with insights and practical tools they can use as they continue their journey as developing leaders.”

Associate Principal


“As a coach, Steve is very diligent about listening for and honing in on what was coming up for me.  His style is assertive yet at the same time supportive.  He acknowledges areas where I am having success, challenges me to dig into areas where I am stuck, and draws my attention to areas where my own behaviour or thinking is holding me back.”

Senior Manager, Talent Development


“Steve has that rare ability to really listen, size up a situation, and to keep me on track with my priorities.” 

Executive Director