The Forward Edge Coaching Process

What is coaching?  Coaching centres on confidential, question-driven conversations – highly focused on results.  Clients choose to make use of coaching sessions in a variety of ways, such as:

  • focusing on immediate needs and achieving ‘quick wins,’
  • clarifying thinking and uncovering fresh insights,
  • crafting a compelling vision of future success,
  • developing a plan of action,
  • keeping on track with goals.

We will tailor your coaching program to your unique needs.


Individual Coaching

1.  Sample coaching session

The best way to learn about coaching is to experience it for yourself.  

 A 30-minute sample session will allow you to:

  • try out coaching with a real situation where you would like to see change,
  • see if coaching is right for you – there’s no obligation,
  • learn how I can support you as your coach.

2.  Preliminary strategy session

In this foundation session we will:

  • discuss your core values, your challenges, and your goals,
  • look at where you are now, and where you want to be,
  • map out the objectives and measures of success of your coaching program. 

3. Ongoing coaching sessions

  • Clients typically choose 2 or 3 coaching sessions per month. 
  • I ask for a minimum 3-month commitment.  This is to sustain transformation and ensure a strong return on your investment. 
  • Sessions are usually held over the phone or via Skype.  I am based in Vancouver, and we can arrange face to face coaching.

4. Support between sessions

  • In advance of each regular coaching session I will send you several thought-starter questions, custom written for you.
  • Need to connect for coaching between scheduled sessions?  I am available with e-mail support.

Get started and book your sample coaching session


Corporate-Sponsored Coaching

Project planning meeting

At the beginning of a corporate-sponsored coaching program, I meet with you and your manager or HR manager (the sponsor of the coaching) to determine:

  • the goals of coaching,
  • how the success of the program will be measured, 
  • the boundaries around coaching confidentiality,
  • updates to management and/or HR,
  • a contract for the coaching program. 

HR professionals: contact me to discuss how coaching can help develop your top performers, and keep them better aligned with common goals.